Canada’s Prince Edward Island Rejects Online Gambling Site

Canada’s Prince Edward Island Rejects Online Gambling Site

May 18, 2018 0 By Test

Finance Minister: Online casino gaming to be rejected

Despite the fact that he previously seemed to be in favor of introduction of online casino games, the Finance Minister of Canada’s Prince Edward Island, Wes Sheridan now announced that the island will not take part in the consortium of other Canadian Provinces in the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Instead, he occupied a new position, that they should pass new measures to cut the number of their citizens who gamble on sites abroad, at a loss to the region of around CDM $50 million per annum.

According to him, “Right from the outset this has been all about player protection on Prince Edward Island. And even though we have a very strong working relationship with Atlantic Lottery, we don’t feel that the online site that they would offer is the right solution for Prince Edward Island at this time.”

Even though the Atlantic Lottery currently has a website PlaySphere whose offer includes some online games, it still doesn’t contain multi-player poker, blackjack and other casino-like games.

In regards to other provinces, Nova Scotia also refused the introduction of online gambling, while British Columbia launched its online gambling site in July this year, and Quebec and Ontario are also about to start their own sites.